CITY OF MISSOURI VALLEY CITY COUNCIL MEETING RAND COMMUNITY CENTER TUESDAY, MARCH 21, 2023 6:00 P.M. Mayor Kelly presided over the meeting and called it to order at 6:00 p.m. with the following …


CITY OF MISSOURI VALLEY CITY COUNCIL MEETING RAND COMMUNITY CENTER TUESDAY, MARCH 21, 2023 6:00 P.M. Mayor Kelly presided over the meeting and called it to order at 6:00 p.m. with the following Council Members present: Ford, Taylor, Stueve, Struble, and Tuttle. Citizens attending were: Adam Bellis, Linda Coddington, Mary Jo Buckley, Jeannie Wortman, Dakoda Tish, Nikki Dooley, Forest Dooley, Rich Gochenour, John Harrison, Lee Lange, Kory Preston, Edith Herbolsheimer, Shae McGinnis, Jody Meyer, and Katie Moyer. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. A motion to approve Agenda for March 21, 2023, made by Struble, second by Tuttle. Motion passes. After questions about the claims list, a motion to approve the Consent Agenda was made by Struble, second by Stueve. Motion passes. Inquiries from citizens: Katie Moyer updated Council on the Speed Radar Signs. She stated that she ordered 4 Speed Radar Signs and they will take 8 to 10 weeks to arrive. In the meantime, she is working with the IDOT to make sure all signs are compliant with State Laws. She showed the Council pictures of where exactly the placement of the signs will be. Rich is working with Katie to order the poles and hardware for the Speed Radar Signs. Kelsey Peterson with Schroer and Associates presented the City’s annual audit and went over recommendations. Dakoda Tish, with People Service, gave his update to Council. He also gave an update on the VFD, Well 4 and Well 5. Mary Jo Buckley, with the Park Board, addressed Council about the Trees Please Grant, and a grant for new sidewalk that was received. Motion to use donation money from DOLL Distributing to order the BOT computer program for the Police Department made by Taylor, second by Ford. Motion passes. Motion to set Public Hearing on the Status of Funded Activities for the City of Missouri Valley Upper Story Housing CDBG CV Project on April 18, 2023, at 6:00 P.M. made by Stueve, second by Tuttle. Motion passes. Motion to set Public Hearing for FY 23/24 Budget on April 18, 2023, at 6:05 P.M. made by Stueve, second by Struble. Motion passes. Councilman Tuttle asked Chief Forest Dooley about an occurrence that happened March 9, 2023, at the Missouri Valley Fire Hall. A prophylactic was found inside the Fire Hall. Dooley stated that an investigation occurred, the individual was talked to and was given a write up. There was another incident of the exact same manner that occurred a couple days later. The individual in question for the second incident, has not been discovered. Dooley stated that, although it may be funny to some, it is not funny to the employees at City Hall. The Fire Hall and City Hall is a place of business. This could be a form of harassment and lead to a hostile work environment, which is something that will not be tolerated. Tuttle discussed the February 13, 2023, inspection that was done. They found 13 violations and 11 deficiencies in the department. Dooley stated that he is in constant communication with the State and is working with them to correct the issues. Tuttle feels like the department is undermining the Chief, there is no respect for the Chief, department, or the city. It has been going on far too long, and he feels it is a pattern of passive-aggressive harassment. Tuttle questioned the Council on how they feel on the matter. Ford stated, “Everyone knows where I stand on the issue.” Struble does not want the issues to affect our paid EMTs. He stated he would hate to lose our current EMTs. Stueve would like to see the individual that caused the prophylactic incident let go. “It is uncalled for, it shows their level of maturity, they are not mature enough to be around other people, and it’s time for them to be let go.” Taylor agrees, and is worried about bringing a new EMT in to all of this until we can get things straightened out. Mayor Kelly stated, “I feel this is an unacceptable situation. I reached out as soon as it was brought to my attention and tried to figure out what is going on. We trust our leadership with the departments to manage their department and handle situations that arise. You never want to lose anybody. The first time it happened, it was meant as a joke, and it was not an okay joke. Dooley handled, the situation the first time correctly. The person was counseled and everyone knows not to do it, and yet it happened again.” Stueve wanted to know if Dooley has talked to the Department about the incident. Dooley stated that it will be addressed at the Fire meeting that night. Taylor questioned having cameras in the Fire Hall. Stueve said “Why should we put cameras in there. These are supposed to be adults doing this. You know what you do as a teenager, these are grown men doing this. I feel that they should be gone.” Tuttle apologized to Dooley for having to deal with all of this. Tuttle feels like there is no management going on at the department. He understands that Dooley is new to the position, and a lot of the issues were passed down to him. Stueve said that Dooley has a hard job, and having to deal with all of this right now, just coming into the position only a couple months ago. Taylor said that it shows disrespect to the Chief. Dooley stated that he has not stopped investigating the second incident. Stueve stated that she feels that Chief Dooley has leadership, and them undermining him is uncalled for. Dooley agreed with every point that was made and it has been taken under advisement. Motion to approve job description for a Full-Time EMT made by Struble, second by Stueve. Motion passes. Tuttle thanked the FFA at the MVHS and thanked Jeannie Wortman for the Chamber Banquet. Stueve told Chief Dooley that she was sorry for hammering him tonight, but these issues need to stop. Mayor Kelly said the FFA banquet was wonderful, they raised a lot of money for the fundraiser they did that night. City Administrator, Turri Colglazier, addressed Council about the 2022 Street Project, Emergency Management Symposium, Department of Management, and a citizen wanting to be reimbursed for medical expenses caused by slipping on sand in the street. Motion to adjourn at 6:40 made by Taylor, second by Stueve. Motion passes. 500 E Erie St LLC, City, Payment App #1 $170,941.00 Bound Tree, EMS, Pt Supplies $170.77 Bound Tree, EMS, Pt Supplies $301.85 Caseys Business Mastercard, PD, Fuel $308.56 IA Division Of Labor Service, City Hall, Boiler Inspection $40.00 IA Law Enforcement Academy, PD, Academy B Peschell $6,650.00 Midamerican Energy, City, Electricity $14,988.85 Norms Tires, FD, Tire Repair Fire Truck $15.00 Sirchie, PD, Specimen Kits $55.79 Taylor Oil, PD,FD,EMS, Fuel $721.61 Thrasher, Pool, Deposit On Pool Pump House $2,903.37 Paid 3.22.23 Agrivision, Park, Wax $13.93 Agrivision, Street, Antifreeze For Front End Loader $35.42 Arrow Manufacturing, Ems, Latch For Ambulance $196.00 Avesis, City, March Vision Insurance $282.86 Baker & Taylor, Library, Books $693.17 Baker & Taylor, Library, DVD $27.99 Baker & Taylor, Library, DVD $24.49 Blair Ace Hardware, Street, Sanding Sheets, Brush, Liner $32.57 Boruff Plumbing, City, Emergency Work 118 N 6 $1,552.35 Business Cleaning Solution, Library, Feb Janitorial Service $330.00 Canon Financial Service, City, Copy Machine March-April $144.16 Capital, EMS, Copier $20.31 Capital, FD, Copier $40.00 Cintas, EMS, Uniforms $47.50 Cintas, Park/St, Uniforms $362.91 Cintas, Water, Fill Med Cabinet At Plant $39.92 Country Hdwe & Supply, Street, Paint, Primer $48.66 Desoto Bend Mini Mart, ST/FD/EMS, Fuel $431.18 Department Of Public Health, Pool, Registration $70.00 Diamond Maps, City, 12-Month Subscription $480.00 Dultmeier Sales, Fire, Valve And Brushing $230.06 Electric Pump, Water, Well 4 $7,159.56 Electric Pump, Water, Well 5, Lift Station Starter $8,172.27 First Wireless Inc, Fire, Pager Batteries $277.67 Galls, PD, Equipment/Uniforms D Kline $380.51 Galls, PD, Gun Mount D Kline $(62.65) Galls, PD, Return Holster B Peschell $(199.33) Galls, PD, Return Shirt $(61.57) Galls, PD, Trousers D Kline $132.54 GPM, Sewer, Service Call For Flow Meter $448.00 Hardknocks Diesel, FD, Oil Change And Fuel Filters X7 $3,206.78 Harrison Co Recorder, City, Recording Of Cdbg Mortgage W.K. $302.00 Hawkeye Truck Equipment, Street, Replacement Lights For Sander $273.00 Highway 30 Coalation, City, Dues $150.00 IA Assoc Of Municipal Utilities, Water/Sewer, Sgwc Training Jan-March $2,033.40 IA Law Enforcement Academy, Police, Rifle Training B Peschel $500.00 IA Parks & Rec Association, Park , CEU Workshop – Pool $330.00 IA Western Comm College, EMS, Training $40.00 Long Lines, Library, Internet $89.23 Loveland Grasspad, Park, Weed Mat Summit Park $289.95 Memorial Community Hosp, Fire, Physical N. Green $197.00 Midwest Laboratories, Sewer, Lagoon Samples $65.00 Midwest Mechanical, Fire, Heat In Fire Dept Bay $270.00 MV Times News, City, Legals, Spray Bids $23.29 MV Times News, City, Legals, Minutes $189.20 Norms Tires, Fire, Tire Repair Fire Truck $15.00 Olmsted & Perry, City, General Engineering Jan-Feb $421.60 Olmsted & Perry, City, 2022 St Improvement $3,250.00 People Service, Water/Sewer, Monthly Service-April $20,951.00 Peschell, Beau, PD, Reimbursement For Gas $37.00 Presto X, City/PD, Pest Control $144.64 Randys Mobile Electronics, Park, New Radio For F150 Truck $305.00 Scantron, City, Cyber Backup $88.80 Scantron, City, Cyber Security $72.00 Schildberg Construction, Street, Rock $1,622.60 Schildberg Construction, Street, Rock $1,785.81 The Office Stop, Library, Color Ink Cartridges $662.85 The Office Stop, City, Labels,Folders,Tape $43.05 The Office Stop, City, Window MV Envelopes $201.00 The Office Stop, City, MV Envelopes $227.50 Treasurer, State Of IA, City, Feb Sales & Use Tax $499.64 Treasurer, State Of IA, City, Feb Water Excise Tax $2,524.37 US Postmaster, Water, Water Billing March $460.00 Unity Point Clinic, Street, Med Testing R Gochenour $42.00 Vetter Equipment, Street, Front End Loader Parts $79.90 Washinton Natl, Library, March Insurance Bruce $33.00 Witmer, Fire, PPE $266.93 Fed/FICA, Taxes Payroll, Wages Total $89,198.82 Shawn Kelly, Mayor Attest: Turri Colglazier, City Administrator MVTN 4-5-23


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