CITY OF MONDAMIN REGULAR CITY COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES Mondamin City Hall Monday, July 11, 2022 7 P.M. 1. Opening of Meeting a. Mayor Jamie Howrey called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m., leading …


CITY OF MONDAMIN REGULAR CITY COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES Mondamin City Hall Monday, July 11, 2022 7 P.M. 1. Opening of Meeting a. Mayor Jamie Howrey called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m., leading those present in the Pledge of Allegiance. b. Roll Call Council members present: Terry Coyle, John Glennie, Karen Breyfogle, Mary Seago and Jim Rains. Staff present: Alyx Hirst and Steve Hinkel. Public present: Christine Hussing, Tayler Jensen, John Harrison, Carol Birdsall and Bonnie Cossel. c. Approval of Agenda Motion made to approve agenda by K. Breyfogle, with a second by T. Coyle. Motion carried 5-0. d. Approval of Minutes K. Breyfogle made a motion to approve June 6th regular meeting minutes. Seconded by J. Glennie. Motion carried 5-0. e. Iowa Communities Assurance Pool Invoice (ICAP) M. Seago made a motion to approve city insurance invoice in the amount of $39,692.00. The motion was seconded by T. Coyle. Motion carried 5-0. f. Approval of Claims K. Breyfogle made a motion to approve all other claims as presented. Motion was seconded by J. Rains. Motion carried 5-0. 2. Public Comments None 3. Community Center/Facility Report The community center manager sent in her report to the council. No report from the board president. 4. Library Report Christine Hussing, librarian, discussed library e-rate funds from Windstream stating that she was able to reach someone in the right department and hopefully the e-rate funds will be applied to the library Windstream invoices. 5. Fire Department Report None 6. Old Business None 7. New Business a. 105 S Noyes: Parking on City Right-of-Way Property owners at 105 S Noyes asked council if they could have a “no parking” sign put up on their right-of-way to help with parking problems they have on their sidewalk and lawn due to community center rentals. K. Breyfogle made a motion to approve this request and it was seconded by J. Glennie. Motion carried 5-0. b. Midwest Coatings: Addendum to Item 1 for South Clark Street Bid Bid change to Item 1 would add 2” asphalt overlay along with milling instead of pulverizing and fog seal as previously stated in bid. This would increase the total bid in the amount of $23,856.00. M. Seago made a motion to approve Item 1 change. The motion was seconded by J. Rains. Roll call. All ayes. Motion passed unanimously. c. Sundquist Engineering Survey Quote: City Owned Parcel on North Main Street Discussion was held about surveying the parcel of city property behind homes from 301 North Main Street to 411 North Main Street. Sundquist Engineering stated it would cost $5000 for the survey. Council hopes to recoup costs from sale of property. M. Seago made a motion to go forward with the survey from Sundquist Engineering. Motion was seconded K. Breyfogle. Roll Call. All ayes. Motion carried 5-0. d. Library Fundraising Dollars Christine asked the council if the library could hold onto their fundraising dollars. Council stated that fundraising dollars would not carry over to new fiscal years. e. Nuisances: Junk Cars Councilman Jim Rains reached out to Hanner Salvage to discuss the many abandoned, or “junk” vehicles on properties inside city limits. Buddy Hanner stated any vehicle older than 11 years does not need a title for salvage. It must, however, have proof that vehicle is owned by said owner. Hanner Salvage would tow vehicle to salvage yard if needed and deduct cost from final sale price of vehicle. K. Breyfogle made a motion to have Bluffs Inspection handle these nuisances. M. Seago seconded. Motion carried 5-0. f. Nuisances: Feral Cats Discussion was held regarding the many feral cats on North East County Road. Clerk Hirst has stated that she has been in contact with Christina from the Harrison County Humane Society, but the problem remains. Mayor Howrey stated that he would call the humane society and see if he could get some answers. g. Jiffy Mart: Liquor License Renewal 9/1/2022 – 8/31/2022 K. Breyfogle made a motion to approve the liquor license for Jiffy Mart and it was seconded by T. Coyle. Motion carried 5-0. h. Ordinances Discussion Clerk Hirst gave council three new ordinances to look over and consider adopting with our new ordinance recodification: RV/Travel Trailer Residences, Portable Storage Containers, and Sexually Oriented Businesses. Council stated they would review and follow up next month. i. Safety Glasses: Steve Hinkel J. Glennie motioned to approve purchase of new safety glasses for employee, Steve Hinkel. The motion was seconded by T. Coyle. Motion carried 5-0. j. Employee Evaluations: Appoint Committee and Set Date The evaluation committee will be Mayor Howrey, John Glennie and Terry Coyle. The evaluations will be held on July 25, 2022 at 5:45 and 6:00 p.m. 8. Mayor’s Report Mayor Howrey reported that he had a couple calls regarding utility bills and feral cats. 9. Clerk’s Report Clerk Hirst reported that she sent out many delinquent account notices last month and that customers are utilizing the water assistance program from West Central. She wanted to note that with utility bills increasing soon, it’s very important for residents to keep up on their accounts. 10. Public Works Report S. Hinkel reported that he did have the storm sewers jetted out and is waiting for a vac truck. Steve also reported that SUEZ came and inspected the water tower. He discussed the JEO pre-bid meeting for the water plant project. Lastly, S. Hinkel discussed issues with the splashpad. 11. Commissioner Reports None 12. Other Business Clerk Hirst wanted to discuss with council an old purchase that was made from Bomgaars referring to a pallet of ice melt. A. Hirst stated that the library was unhappy with the way she broke down the costs of it to each department because they don’t use very much. Council stated that breaking down the square footage of sidewalks would help to determine how much the library should be charged for ice melt. 13. Adjourn Having no further business to conduct, K. Breyfogle made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by M. Seago. Motion carried 5-0. The meeting was adjourned at 9:28 p.m. These minutes are as recorded by the Mondamin City Clerk and subject to approval at the next regular city council meeting. Attest: Alyx Hirst City Clerk, City of Mondamin Operating Account City of Mondamin Claims Paid June 7, 2022 through July 11, 2022 Name, Memo, Amount Midstates Bank, internet banking service fee 25.00 Windstream, charges for services 441.89 United States Treasury, May 2022 payroll taxes 1,373.48 IPERS, May 2022 IPERS 849.52 Transfer, transfer from Operating Checking to RUT Savings 5,944.63 Transfer, transfer from Operating to Water Plant Fund 1,152.00 Hussing, Christine C, payroll 873.28 Hinkel, Steven R, payroll 2,748.06 Hirst, Alyxandria M, payroll 952.90 Lawrenson, Jaysa E, payroll 17.85 Anderson, Roberta M, payroll 301.68 IMWCA, work comp premium FY22-23 3,670.00 Harrison County Humane Society, 28E agreement 515.28 Seuntjens, Hayley, refund from deposit on 7/1/2021 78.20 Alex Air Apparatus Inc., fire dept. equipment 2,372.72 Emergency Apparatus Maintenance, Inc., fire dept. work order 416.47 Emergency Apparatus Maintenance, Inc., fire dept. work order 1,845.58 Emergency Apparatus Maintenance, Inc., fire dept. work order 748.96 Anderson, Roberta M, Comm Ctr reimbursements 115.27 Armodus, LLC, South Clark Street drainage 18,130.00 Armodus, LLC, South Clark Street drainage 3,475.00 Huff Tire, fire dept. service call, dismount and mount 311.00 WEX BANK, fuel for fire and roads 557.31 Iowa Communities Assurance Pool, FY23 insurance coverage 39,692.00 Hawkins, Inc., water chemicals 501.23 Heartland Co-op - fire dept, fuel 412.73 Missouri Valley Times News, publications 161.76 Barco Municipal Products, signs for park 269.18 C & H Hauling, June garbage pickup 1,790.00 Hall Welding, Ave of Flags pipe 125.50 Iowa Department of Natural Resources, annual public water supply fee 37.34 Blair Ace Hardware, splashpad fuses 16.58 Harrison County Landfill Commission, July landfill assessment 742.00 Southwest Iowa Planning Council, CDBG water plant funding 1,620.00 Alyx Hirst, reimbursements for office supplies 47.72 King Repair, fire dept work order 1,072.61 Allied Appliance, King's Court appliances 3,894.00 Southwest Iowa Planning Council, membership dues FY23 220.00 Alex Air Apparatus Inc., fire dept. equipment 665.00 Missouri Valley Times News, subscription for 2 years 93.00 AgriVision Equipment Group, lawmower oil filters 90.60 FNBO (Christine), dell subscription, flower seeds 19.72 FNBO (Steve), adobe subscription 17.65 Bomgaars, softner salt, round-up, spray bottles, drill set 585.05 Harrison County Development Corporation, 28E agreement 237.93 Mid America Energy, charges for services 1,493.94 ClerkBooks, Inc., support hours 2,800.00 VC3, Inc, initial setup for cybersecurity 880.00 VC3, Inc, prorate mthly cybersecurity services 57.29 VC3, Inc, monthly cybersecurity services 244.00 Christine Hussing, reimbursement 4.77 Iowa League of Cities, annual membership 396.00 PeopleService Inc., charges for services 1,985.04 Soldier Valley Drainage District, annual drainage fee FY23 458.40 JEO Consulting Group Inc., bidding services for water treatment plant 5,015.00 Clark Pest & Termite Control Co, bug spraying 250.00 USA Blue Book, water supplies 460.48 Hollman Media, web hosting services 45.00 Hollman Media, web development 25.00 Hollman Media, web development 291.00 McLaughlin's, fix line at 102 South St 125.00 Harrison County REC, charges for services 517.97 Hawkins, Inc., water chemicals 467.23 Siouxland District Health Department, water testing 14.00 Total 114,757.80 Income for June 2022 Utility Service Charges $16,815.64 King's Court Housing Rent $3,000.00 Property Tax $3,054.98 Road Use Tax $5,944.63 Local Option Sales Tax $2,733.36 Community Center Rentals $275.00 Water Tower Internet Rent $280.00 Heritage Day Bake Sale $1,332.50 Heritage Days Cookbooks $40.00 Library Goods Sold $4.50 Dog License $10.00 Park Shelter Donations $225.00 Interest Earned $17.04 Total Income from June: $33,732.65 MVTN 7-27-22


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