City of Modale City Council Meeting Minutes May 8, 2023 The regular meeting of the Modale City Council was held on May 8, 2023. Mayor Pro Tem Kathy Dugdale called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m. …


City of Modale City Council Meeting Minutes May 8, 2023 The regular meeting of the Modale City Council was held on May 8, 2023. Mayor Pro Tem Kathy Dugdale called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m. Councilmembers present were Blair Adams, Terigene Tiffey, Kathy Dugdale and Amber Larsen. Katie Offenbacker was absent. Mayor James Cox arrived at 7:05 p.m. Visitors present were Dakoda Tish, Troy Groth, Ruth Zahner, Johnny Cooperrider, Milo Tiffey, Elissa Kappes and children Staff present were Linda Windschitl, and Shauna Gerke Consent Agenda: Larsen noted the spelling of her last name was incorrectly listed in the April 30, 2023 special meeting minutes on the AFR item. Gerke will correct that misspelling. Dugdale requested the grant amounts included in the “start” column on the Vets line and the “Income” column of the Legion Hall lines be corrected on the Clerk’s Report. Gerke will pass the request along to Linda for correction. Tiffey made a motion to approve the consent Agenda. Larsen seconded; motion carried with a 4-0-0 vote. Gerke read Marty Skinner’s report on Public Works. He is waiting on bids for handicap accessible parking and door closures, as well as the roads. Mark Long’s fence is up. Marty spoke with Shaughnessy regarding the fence on City property. He verbally agreed to have it moved within 90 days (July 26th). Gerke is to send him a letter to that effect. There were no building permits presented and the tree that was supposed to be removed in the park last week was not due to high winds and rains. It should be done either this week or next if the weather cooperates. Change order #1 for the Lagoon project was discussed. An Application for payment was submitted in the amount of $236,730.50. Larsen made a motion to approve the payment of said Application as well as Change Order #1, Tiffey seconded the motion. Motion carried on a 4-0-0 vote. Citizen Inquiries: Johnny Cooperrider asked what is the plan of attack regarding the coyote situation? Tiffey asked about getting the guy back in to hunt. Johnny would also like a fence permit. James said summer is not the time to hunt. Can traps be set? Traps could catch household pets. Dakoda Tish with People Service discussed the opportunity to offer services to manage our water and wastewater systems. They would replace Marty and be on call 24-7. Ruth Zahner reported for the Library. Thank you to Shauna for working with the Library Board to get the financials straightened out. Gerke said Linda did the work on that project. They had a nice trivia night at DeCarlos last Saturday. This week they will be playing Yahtzee. The Summer Reading program will be every other Thursday starting in June. Pixie’s Ponytails will be visiting on June 1. The event will start at 530, with pony rides from 6-7 that night. The Library would like permission to have the pets and ponies on the Downtown Memorial lawn to the west of the Legion Hall. After some discussion, the Council gave permission to use the property for this event. The Circulation was 58, and a door count of 72. Computer and iPad counts were 11 and 16. A plant giveaway was Saturday May 6th, there are some plants left. The library would also like to have a community movie night on June 24th projecting a movie on the side of the Legion Hall and use the Downtown Memorial lawn to the west as a seating area. Permission was also granted for this event. The report Jason Pavlik emailed for the April meeting was read by Gerke (the report wasn’t received before the April meeting due to the internet being down). There were 2 fire calls and 2 rescue calls. The Soup Supper and Easter Egg Hunts went well. Good turnout at both. There was no report submitted for the May meeting. Ordinance progress was discussed. We need to amend what we have and add Modale specific ordinances. Larsen identified changing building permit fees, animal licensing and farm animals to be the top priorities. A special meeting should be held to discuss the paragraphs we want to incorporate. Discussion regarding the possible ordinance language was had. Larsen will draft some ideas to present at the June meeting, and then a special meeting can be held after June 15th to discuss final versions to give to Danielle at SWIPCO. NextLink internet was installed at the Library and the Park shelter on April 20th. We need a “drybox” for the wi-fi unit which Marty has discussed with the electrician. The Council wondered why it wasn’t installed completely and Gerke reported it was because the “drybox” was not available. The Council didn’t feel the remaining install should be the financial responsibility of the City. Pea Gravel will need to be placed in the area with the new slide. Since we’ve yet to receive a final bill for that, it is estimated there will be enough funds for the pea gravel. Dugdale reported Shotwell Glass from Blair looked at the windows and would replace just the glass in the Legion Hall; she will get a bid for that. Kathy was contacted by a landscape contractor who would be interested in giving a bid on the concrete in the Downtown Memorial park. There were no bids received for the City Hall office. Adams suggested advertising for both in the Missouri Valley Times-News. The Kappes permit issue was discussed. James said no action will be taken at this meeting as he will be discussing the issue with the attorney the following day. It is most likely that a partial permit will be approved for the pasture fencing. He will also start issuing infractions if the attorney concurs. Once those have been issued, a $50 fee is incurred and they will have 14-days to remediate the issue to avoid further fees. Kappes reported there are only two (2) horses at this time, the little one and the stud (the mare is gone). Prior permission was given for the two (2) horses (instead of the 1 allowed by ordinance). They now have four (4) goats and a cow. She must prove they don’t have the other animals any longer to avoid infraction citation. The 2022-2023 Budget Amendment hearing was opened at 8:12 p.m. The changes were discussed. Dugdale made the motion by Resolution 23-09 to approve the amended budget, Adams seconded. Motion passed 4-0-0. The hearing was closed at 8:18 p.m. Tiffey made a motion to add Kathy Dugdale to the signature card at the bank, Larsen seconded. Motion passed on a 3-0-1 vote, with Dugdale abstaining. Kathy has spoken with a landscape contractor who will come up with a plan that she can take to the Committee to get the concrete work going at the Downtown Memorial. They have until December to get that done to be compliant with the grant. Kathy went to the HCDC meeting where the City of Modale was recognized by the Harrison County Development Corporation for their commitment to economic development and growth in Harrison County. Dugdale reported the meeting was focused on tourism in the County. Each town in the county has a tourism stop where you can take a special passport booklet and get it stamped (verified). There is a tourism grant cycle coming up. The Small Business Unity and Legislative Issues were shared for information only. Kathy has people interested in being on the Sesquicentennial planning committee. They would like it to be the same day/weekend as Fun Days (in 2024). There is currently $4000 in that fund. CDBG Fraud Training will be held on May 17th and 18th. Gerke will attend virtually. City Hall will be closed the evening of May 17th, and the hours will be changed from 6-9 p.m. to 1-4 p.m. on the 18th. Items to add to next month’s agenda include Cooperrider’s permit, Kappes permit, ordinance change suggestions, progress update on the apartment work. Adams made a motion to adjourn. Dugdale seconded the motion; motion carried with a 4-0-0 vote. Mayor Cox adjourned the meeting at 8:28 p.m. James Cox, Mayor Shauna Gerke, Deputy City Clerk These minutes are as recorded by the City Clerk and are subject to Council approval at the next regular meeting. Full copies of these minutes will be available at City Hall. Minutes can be sent via email. April 2023 Expenses Date, Name, Account, Amount 4/5/2023, Agrivision, Park $86.97 4/5/2023, Midwest Labs, Sewer $65.00 4/5/2023, Sundquist, Sewer $685.50 4/5/2023, Windstream, Sewer $91.11 4/5/2023, Windstream, City Hall $150.25 4/5/2023, Windstream, Library, Fire $234.48 4/5/2023, Waste Connections, City Hall $146.62 4/6/2023, Heartland Coop, City Hall, Water, Sewer, Park, Roads $2,059.56 4/17/2023, Bob Clausen, Parks $1,650.00 4/17/2023, Heartland Coop, Fire Deparment $762.56 4/17/2023, Vetter Equipment, Water $31.75 4/17/2023, Siouxland District Health, Water $24.00 4/17/2023, MidAmerican Energy, Water, Sewer, City Hall, Parks $86.96 4/17/2023, State Hygienic Lab, Water $41.00 4/17/2023, MidAmerican Energy, Roads $428.59 4/17/2023, MidAmerican Energy, Library, Fire $130.62 4/17/2023, Armodus, Sewer $10,450.00 4/18/2023, Danko, Fire Deparment $4,366.46 4/18/2023, Feld Fire, Fire Deparment $3,250.00 4/19/2023, Family Dollar, Library $400.00 4/19/2023, MVTN, General $440.36 4/24/2023, USDA, Sewer $1,437.00 4/25/2023, Diane Pratt, Library $7.90 4/25/2023, Bomgaars, Water, Roads $78.53 4/27/2023, McLaughlin's, General, Water $4,844.23 4/27/2023, Jennifer Skinner, Library $674.66 4/27/2023, MVTN, General $70.95 4/30/2023, Amazon, Library $739.19 4/30/2023, Shauna Gerke, Wages $729.37 4/30/2023, Diane Pratt, Wages $451.26 4/30/2023, Alvin Schiltz, Wages $531.27 4/30/2023, Marty Skinner, Wages $1,498.81 4/30/2023, Linda Windschitl, Wages $691.10 4/30/2023, IRS, Water, Sewer, Parks, Road, City Clerk & Library $1,263.98 4/30/2023, IPERS, Water, Sewer, Parks, Road, City Clerk & Library $734.75 TOTAL EXPENSES $39,334.79 April 2023 Revenues Water Fund $2,349.96 Local Option Sales Tax $1,687.57 Sewer Fund $4,001.09 General Fund $54,164.80 Road Use Tax $1,577.09 TOTAL REVENUES $63,780.51 MVTN 5-17-23


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