CITY OF MONDAMIN REGULAR CITY COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES Mondamin City Hall Monday, May 1, 2023 7 P.M. 1. Opening of Meeting a. Mayor Jamie Howrey called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m., leading those …


CITY OF MONDAMIN REGULAR CITY COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES Mondamin City Hall Monday, May 1, 2023 7 P.M. 1. Opening of Meeting a. Mayor Jamie Howrey called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m., leading those present in the Pledge of Allegiance. b. Roll Call Council members present: John Glennie, Mary Seago, Karen Breyfogle, Jim Rains, and Terry Coyle. Staff present: Alyx Hirst, Steve Hinkel and Christine Hussing. Public present: Heather Crockett, Shawn Timmons, Guy Graff, Jeff Seago, and John Hines. c. Approval of Agenda Motion to approve agenda by K. Breyfogle, with a second by T. Coyle. Motion carried 5-0. d. Approval of Minutes Motion to approve the April 3rd meeting minutes by J. Rains and seconded by J. Glennie. Motion carried 5-0. Motion to approve the April 24th special meeting minutes by M. Seago and seconded by K. Breyfogle. Motion carried 5-0. e. Approval of Claims as Presented J. Glennie made a motion to approve all claims as presented. Motion was seconded K. Breyfogle. Motion carried 5-0. 2. Public Comments Residents Shawn Timmons and Heather Crockett were present to discuss their interest in helping with the city-wide garage sales since the library is no longer doing it. Shawn also had questions and comments regarding the new water treatment plant, water mains and flushing of the hydrants more often. 3. Community Center/Facility Report The community center manager sent in her reports to council. Member of the board, Guy Graff, was present to discuss Heritage Days and the events scheduled for June 10th. Breakfast at the Church of Christ will take place from 7:30 am to 10 am. Parade sign-up begins at 9am with the parade starting at 10:30. Activities to follow at the city park will include car, motorcycle, and tractor show, kids pedal tractor competition, horseshoe tourney, baked goods auction, Midstates Money Tree and more! The American Legion will host a fish and chicken fry at the community center from 12:30 to 4:30 pm. 4. Library Report Christine reported that another new library board member has been named. Christina Howrey will fill the vacant seat on the library board. 5. Fire Department Report Jeff Seago was present to report on how the fire department is doing. Jeff asked what information the council would like to see. Clerk Hirst stated that in our ordinance it states that we should be receiving a written report each month. He asked if turning in a copy of the fire department meeting minutes would be acceptable. Council stated that it would. 6. Old Business None 7. New Business a. Discussion with John Hines, Attorney with Crary Huff Law Firm in Sioux City John introduced himself at the meeting and talked a bit with council about himself and Crary Huff Law Firm. John had previously submitted a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to the city regarding attorney services. b. Removal of Current City Attorney Todd Artgotsinger with Salvo Deren Law Firm J. Rains motioned to remove Todd Artgotsinger and Salvo Deren Law firm as city attorney given a 30-day notice and request that the firm return any city documents they have. J. Glennie seconded this motion. Clerk Hirst asked for a roll call vote. All ayes. Motion passed unanimously. c. Resolution #2023-10: Appointment of New City Attorney John Hines, Crary Huff Law Firm K. Breyfogle motion to approve Resolution #2023-10 with a second by J. Glennie. Roll call. All ayes. Motion carried 5-0. d. West Central Community Action Water Assisstance Program Discussion regarding whether to enroll in the water assistance program once again was held. Clerk Hirst stated that she has a handful of residents that cannot pay for their water utility and are always on the disconnect list. Alyx stated pros and cons for enrolling in the program again. K. Breyfogle motioned to approve the new agreement for water assistance. J. Rains seconded the motion. Motion carried 4-1. e. N&N Construction Bid for Window Replacement at King’s Court Bid received from N&N Construction in the amount of $13,726.39 for window replacement on the North side of King’s Court along with the laundry room window on the South side. This bid includes materials and labor for a total of 7 windows. K. Breyfogle motioned to approve the bid with a second from M. Seago. Motion carried 5-0. f. Approval of Jessica Hopkins for Library Treasurer T. Coyle motioned to approve Jessica Hopkins as treasurer to replace former treasurer Wanda Hogue. The motion was seconded by J. Glennie. Motion carried 5-0. g. City Wide Garage Sales Date will be July 15th. More information to follow later. The council wants to thank residents Shawn Timmons and Heather Crockett for volunteering to organize the sales. h. Building Permit: 214 N Main Street No permit needed 8. Mayor’s Report None 9. Clerk’s Report Clerk Hirst stated that fencing, well drilling and dirt hauling will begin this month at the new water plant location. 10. Public Works Report Steve reported that MidAmerican will be in town this summer to take unnecessary cable wires, etc. off power poles and remove any poles that are no longer needed. Steve also stated that he has been doing locates for MidAmerican and RP Constructors so digging can begin at the new power plant. Lastly, Steve gave a follow up to generator costs for the tornado siren at the current water treatment plant. No decision has been made yet. 11. Commissioner Reports None 12. Other Business Mayor, Council, and the Librarian wanted to thank the students at West Harrison for all their hard work on various projects around the town. Several reports stated that the kids were wonderful, and their help was much appreciated. 13. Adjourn Having no further business to conduct, K. Breyfogle made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by M. Seago. Motion carried 5-0. The meeting was adjourned at 9:08 p.m. These minutes are as recorded by the Mondamin City Clerk and subject to approval at the next regular city council meeting. Attest: Alyx Hirst City Clerk City of Mondamin Operating Account City of Mondamin Claims Paid April 4, 2023 through May 1, 2023 Name, Memo, Amount Hinkel, Steven R, payroll 2,892.09 Hirst, Alyxandria M, payroll 725.32 Hussing, Christine C, payroll 861.93 Collison, Timothy J, payroll 371.14 Anderson, Roberta M, payroll 279.70 IPERS, March 2023 IPERS 978.15 United States Treasury, March 2023 payroll taxes 1,494.20 Intuit, payroll subscription fees 26.75 Transfer, March 2023 Billing 2,237.50 Transfer, transfer from Operating Checking to RUT Savings 2,248.92 Transfer, April 2023 Billing 2,200.00 Windstream, charges for services 291.32 Iowa Workforce Development, unemployment tax 20.32 Iowa Dept of Rev (state wh), withholding tax 440.39 Midstates Bank (v), internet banking service charge 25.00 Region XII, reversal of accidental deposit 135.00 Harrison County Landfill Commission, May 2023 Landfill Assessment 742.00 C & H Hauling, charges for services 1,790.00 WEX BANK, charges for services 1,024.30 Missouri Valley Times News, publications 128.65 JEO Consulting Group Inc., charges for services - water plant project 3,770.80 JEO Consulting Group Inc., charges for services - water plant project 6,146.40 ULINE, mats for comm. Center 735.00 ULINE, mats for comm. Center 1,004.39 Mid American Energy, charges for services 1,449.02 VC3, Inc, charges for IT services 244.00 Menards - Council Bluffs, weed n feed, garbage bags 419.78 Hollman Media, web hosting 45.00 PeopleService Inc., charges for services 1,965.00 Missouri Valley Times News, publications 106.20 Custom Blinds & Design, blinds for community center 1,341.28 Municipal Supply, Inc., water meters 480.00 Municipal Supply, Inc., shell 82.00 Harrison County REC, charges for services 289.04 Boruff Plumbing, repairs, 306 S Clark, city side 950.00 Boruff Plumbing, repairs, 210 N Main, city side 950.00 Analytical & Consulting Services, Inc., wastewater testing 489.00 Siouxland District Health Department, water testing 14.00 Hawkins, Inc., water chemicals 233.00 Mike Stevens, repair generator at water plant 327.84 Heartland Co-op - Library, leak check 20.50 Heartland Co-op - City, leak check 20.50 Heartland Co-op - Comm. Ctr, leak check 20.50 FNBO (Christine), books and materials 631.09 FNBO (Steve), Adobe 21.19 TOTAL 40,668.21 INCOME FOR APRIL 2023 Utility Service Charges $11,803.70 King's Court Housing Rent $3,000.00 Region XII Payment in Error $135.00 Property Tax $65,330.61 Road Use Tax $3,797.52 Local Option Sales Tax $1,958.22 Community Center Rentals $725.00 Township Contributions $2,035.00 Park Shelter Donations $235.00 Interest Earned $49.57 Total Income from April: $89,069.62 Attest: Alyx Hirst, City Clerk, May 1st, 2023 City Council Meeting, MVTN 5-24-23


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