Movie Moment

The newest heavyweight champion of movies


The curse didn’t touch this movie. A new addition to the A24 list, “The Iron Claw,” is also a new addition to my five-star movie list.

I have only given 35 of my 2,323 watched movies a five-star rating. Believe me when I say, it takes a lot for me to make such a commitment to liking a movie this much. I have a lot of criteria for a five star movie: editing, directing, actors, performance, relevance, subject matter and so on — this movie met all of them.

Following the storyline of the Von Erich family, “Iron Claw” captures the heartbreak and tragedy behind the legendary wrestlers. The curse of the Von Erichs started after the death of the oldest child and a chain of bad luck, but little did the family know what was actually cut out for them.

I had never heard of this story before. I actually never had much of an interest in the wrestling topic, but this movie has sent me into orbit, researching the tale of the family. Well written and directed, this movie puts you in an emotional headlock and throws you around the ring.

Though I can’t speak for the other side of this argument, I am so glad I went into this movie not knowing the backstory. Seeing it through fresh eyes on the big screen is something that I wish and pray I could do again.

For those of you who haven’t heard of the story, I won’t spoil anything for you, as I’m grateful no one did for me. When I first was recommended to see this movie, I was hesitant. There was no way I was going to enjoy a movie that I had no interest in — I was wrong.

The camera spends a fair amount of time in the ring, but there is no doubt that this movie puts the drama genre first. You get drawn into the characters just as much as you do with your favorite TV show. You don’t know them, but you are invested. Just when you think you have learned to love a character, a twist comes out of nowhere and crushes it.

Now, to the important topic at hand — Zac Efron. From singing his heart out in “High School Musical” to just being good looking in “Baywatch,” he has finally reached his finest performance. I was never one to consider Efron as a good actor. Many of his roles have been sub-par, so seeing him on this cast list almost swayed my opinion.

His dedication to the role was impeccable. Not only did he bulk up to play the role, he acted his heart out. Reaching deep inside himself and finding the missing piece to his acting career, Efron found his calling — drama bio-pics.

I speak for film lovers across the country when I say this; it doesn’t matter whether you know the story or like wrestling, this is going to be one of the best movies that you have seen.