Letter to the editor

Honoring our Missouri Valley School Board members


Throughout the month of May, communities across Iowa join together to celebrate School Board Appreciation Month.

This is a time to recognize and honor the selfless dedication and leadership of our local school board members Jeff Janssen, John Ferris, Joanna Barnard, Bridget Myler and Carrie Watson. Our school board members play a crucial role in shaping the direction of our schools and ensuring the success of our students, yet their tireless efforts often go unnoticed.

In every decision they make, the Missouri Valley School Board members are guided by four board priorities: School Safety,  Instruction and Student Learning, Enhance Culture & Climate and Fiscal Responsibility. They have a steadfast commitment to the well-being and academic achievement of every student, and work tirelessly to establish policies, allocate resources and advocate for the needs of our school district, all while navigating the ever-changing landscape of education.

During School Board Appreciation Month, we have the opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to Jeff, John, Joanna, Bridget and Carrie for their unwavering commitment and tireless efforts on behalf of our students, teachers and community. Whether attending meetings, engaging with stakeholders or advocating for policies that support student success, their contributions are truly invaluable.

Board President Janssen, Board Vice-President Ferris, Director Barnard, Director Myler and Director Watson, thank you for your dedication, passion and unwavering commitment to the success of our schools. Your leadership and guidance inspire us all, and we are incredibly grateful for everything you do to make a positive difference in the lives of our students and community.

As we celebrate School Board Appreciation Month, let us take a moment to reflect on the importance of their work and express our sincere appreciation for their service. Join us in recognizing and celebrating the remarkable contributions of the Missouri Valley School Board and all of our Iowa School Board members. Together, let's continue to support and uplift those who dedicate themselves to the betterment of education in our community.

Christi Gochenour

MVCSD Superintendent