Letter to the editor


As Fire Chief of the Missouri Valley Fire Department, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the businesses and private citizens of Missouri Valley. Your recent support and well wishes extended to fire department members during our fire on Main Street was very much appreciated by all of the dedicated individuals who responded that morning. The job of firefighter is tough, hot and stressful. While your support is always noticed and appreciated, the recent show of support did much to bolster the spirits and efforts of all of the men and women involved. A special thanks to all who dug into their pockets and supplied food and much needed fluids to replace that which we were expending during this arduous task. If I miss some people or business, it is not intentional! Thanks goes out to Minnie Fisher, the Rise and Grind, Casey’s General Store and the Martinez Bakery. You have no idea how much your contribution meant to tired and hungry firefighters! While the job is often “thankless,” I also observed many who came by just to thank the crews for “the job they do.” While none of us do this for thanks or pay, we do appreciate the gesture and it warms the heart to see. The support and appreciation shown our department has historically been epic and has always been appreciated. We as a department feel it is time for us to extend a “thank you” much like you all did that day.

-Forest Dooley

Missouri Valley